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There has to be at least one Republican senator who will have the fortitude to support something tha... Read more
Electromagnetic beams of the right power and wavelength can cause pain and zap electronics. Could th... Read more
Long-term solutions to the nursing shortage call for changes that value nurses and offer them a safe... Read more
In the past decade, the number of satellites in orbit has skyrocketed thanks to tiny electronics and... Read more
Applied Integration
This Week's Tech to Take Notice
Tech stories are not always something people notice, unless you are a techy like us at Applied. We read them all, weekly we will share a few.
These are easy reads and could be Read more
Applied Integration
If you are a T-Mobile customer, STOP and Read this NOW.
Here is the breakdown from about this Hack from the professionals at Applied Integration. We will tell you what it is, why it is important and what to do about it.
< Read more
Scientists debate the medical benefits of booster shots. But there’s another aspect to consider: bio... Read more
CEOs in private industry who have been accused of sexual harassment can cost their companies if they... Read more
Public interest in Chinese exotic eating habits and in potential appropriation of Ethiopian traditio... Read more
An FDA panel has voted against recommending approval of a booster COVID-19 shot for the general popu... Read more
Blockchain & Crypto
Tyler J. Fox
NFT Collective // News, Innovation, Drops, Elevation, 🔮
If you don't know what an NFT is, it's time you learn. Tom Brady, Tony Hawk, Marvel, Christie’s Auction House, what do they all have in common? NFTs. Beyond art, entertainment, and Read more
People may confuse the terms monitoring and observability in the DevOps journey. Industry experts ex... Read more
Teles, Hammond, and Takash make many useful points in this piece, that progressives should take seri... Read more
With the Olympic Games and the Paralympics both over, there have been concerns about what the fame a... Read more
In 1950, the top 0.01% of earners paid almost 70% of their income in taxes. By 2018, the super-rich ... Read more
Applied Integration
Cybersecurity Weekly // Curated by Applied Integration
Cybersecurity Weekly is our curated list of stories aimed at educating you and helping you to protect your business and your digital assets. Give us a call to begin your strategic Read more
Rivers are among the most embattled ecosystems on Earth. Researchers are testing a new, inexpensive ... Read more
A large amount of methane emissions come from natural gas infrastructure and landfills – all problem... Read more
There are a variety of reasons why people do or don’t want to be vaccinated. Depending on how they f... Read more
Energy and climate policies aren’t always headed in the same direction, but if they work together th... Read more
Health researchers hope a new regulation requiring hospitals to post their prices will tame soaring ... Read more
Becoming a transformational leader takes commitment and plenty of practice. Consider these valuable ... Read more
A daredevil aeronaut from the US took part in the first manned balloon flight in present-day Banglad... Read more
The legislative session has ended and Governor Newsom is expected to sign into law S.B. 4 and A.B. 1... Read more