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Managed retreat doesn't always mean leaving. It's about preserving the essential while redesigning c... Read more
Robot Lab Live at the UK Festival of Robotics 2021 #RobotFest
SDRs are a no-cost tool that can help low-income countries avoid the worst effects of the pandemic. ... Read more
Immigration has historically offset America's low fertility rate, but the recent dramatic drop in im... Read more
Business & Industry
Applied Integration
Ransomware in the news this week...the threat is real!
This is just this week! Please get prepared like you know your business will be the next target because statistically, 6 out of 10 businesses will become a victim.
Read more
Real Estate
Tyler Shenk
Headspace // Architecture & Home Design
Reimagined A-Frame Cabin, Suspended Cycling Paths in the Trees, and Recycling Warehouses, Next-level spec homes
When to See the 'Strawberry Moon,' the Last Supermoon of 2021 - Lifehacker
The last supermoon of 2021—the Strawberry Moon—is poised to light up skies later this week.
The daily deluge of information produced by the news media can drown consumers in confusion and anxi... Read more
Astronomers know a lot about what's in outer space – and think it's possible it never ends.
Hubble telescope spends a week in 'safe mode' following mysterious computer...
Technicians may have to activate the Hubble's backup computer if they can't find the source of the c... Read more
Real Estate
Tyler Shenk
Are housing prices going to drop in Utah? // Utah housing prices hit record h
At the start of this month, 42% of homes were selling for more than their list price, according to real estate brokerage Redfin. This was 16 percentage points higher than the same Read more
A researcher on youth organizing presents her evidence for how critical race theory benefits student... Read more
Teacher turnover is higher among Black and Latino teachers than white teachers. An education policy ... Read more
Some skeptics say that the growing prevalence of transgender teens is a fad. But history and some re... Read more
Business & Industry
Applied Integration
This week in Cybersecurity // Applied Integrations
This is our weekly stories on cybersecurity, cloud computing, and all things IT. Subscribe to our newsletter.
Researchers used decades-old radar data and found that some low-lying areas of Venus' crust are movi... Read more
Scientists discover fossil of giant rhino thought to have been as big as si...
"This is the largest mammal ever to have lived on land."
Venus may still be active based on 'pack ice' finding - CNN
Venus may seem like a dead planet, but new research suggests that the planet could still be geologic... Read more
CEPR shows that a recent letter from Republican senators to Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, strongl... Read more
The research community is taking a closer look at the lab-leak hypothesis for the origin of COVID-19... Read more
Some students refused to stand while others used a camera filter to make it appear like they were we... Read more
Mandaeans are followers of ancient Gnostic religion, whose traditional homeland was the region of Ir... Read more
For many, the recent detentions prove President Daniel Ortega is not willing to face open presidenti... Read more