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Transform your face with Machine Learning | ML2Grow
Last time we explored the possibilities of computer-generated photos of people by using StyleGan2. T... Read more
Few of the tourists flocking to Bangladesh's Kaptai Lake know the dark history behind the site's cre... Read more
Despite medical records indicating the proof of the crime, the perpetrator remains free, according t... Read more
The annual survey asks respondents all over Japan to rank the attractiveness of the nation's 47 pref... Read more
Home & Garden
Tyler J. Fox
Sustainable Life // Earthship Biotecture
Would you live in a solar passive, geothermal, self-sustaining home built into the earth that utilizes upcycled material like tires, aluminum cans, and glass bottles as part of the Read more
Applied Integration
Apple Updates are Crucial and need to be done NOW!
T-Mobile had there issues a couple of weeks ago, and now Apple finds themselves also struggling to keep up with a new exploit that has been discovered on Apple phones. If you’re i Read more
Scientists find evidence the early solar system harbored a gap between its ...
In the early solar system, a "protoplanetary disk" of dust and gas rotated around the sun and eventu... Read more
Hubble Finds Mysterious Replenishment of Water Vapor on Jupiter’s Moon Euro...
Ice Sublimating Off the Surface Replenishes a Tenuous Envelope You would think that living half-a-bi... Read more
Stunning images show how muscles heal themselves after a workout - Livescie...
Exercise leaves muscles riddled with microscopic tears, so after a rigorous workout, the control cen... Read more
Not Science Fiction: German Scientists Harness the Power of Photosynthesis ...
Photosynthesizing algae injected into the blood vessels of tadpoles supply oxygen to their brains. L... Read more
Applied Integration
This Week's Tech to Take Notice
Tech stories are not always something people notice, unless you are a techy like us at Applied. We read them all, weekly we will share a few.
These are easy reads and could be Read more
The moon takes center stage Saturday night - WTOP
Saturday night is the 12th annual “International Observe the Moon Night” (InOMN) and there are plent... Read more
Disabled 'astronauts-in-training' to fly weightlessly with Zero-G this week...
The AstroAccess initiative is working to advance disability inclusion in space.
The Big Bang and time as we know it might be nothing but illusions - SYFY W...
There is something unnerving about hearing a somber voice intone “In the beginning”… but wait. What ... Read more
Russian thrusters accidentally tilt International Space Station again - Fox...
Russian thrusters have accidentally tilted the International Space Station (ISS) for the second time... Read more
Applied Integration
If you are a T-Mobile customer, STOP and Read this NOW.
Here is the breakdown from about this Hack from the professionals at Applied Integration. We will tell you what it is, why it is important and what to do about it.
< Read more
Can Fortescue's Andrew Forrest, a Carbon-Emitting Iron Ore Tycoon, Save the...
Andrew Forrest made a mining fortune. Now he wants to lead a climate change revolution — and beat th... Read more
That’s the question millions are asking, even if economic reporters are not. The classic story of a ... Read more
How the Search for Extraterrestrial Life Helped Make Your Smartphone’s Scre...
To peer deeper than ever into space, NASA needed optics of unprecedented size; the technology to mak... Read more
Massive asteroids will whiz past Earth in coming weeks, including 1 nearly ...
Several massive asteroids are expected to whiz close to Earth in the coming weeks, including one nea... Read more
Biggest comet ever discovered is approaching Earth, arrival date found - Tw...
Astronomers located what could be the largest comet ever discovered and found that it's heading towa... Read more
A Mysterious Gap Within the Solar System’s Protoplanetary Disk - SciTechDai...
Scientists find evidence the early solar system harbored a gap between its inner and outer regions. ... Read more
The biggest comet ever seen will get as close as Saturn in 2031 - Phys.org
A mega-comet—potentially the largest ever discovered—is heading from the Oort Cloud towards our dire... Read more
Starliner valve investigation continues to focus on moisture interaction wi...
Boeing is continuing to work through a fault tree to determine the cause of stuck valves that has po... Read more